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1876 Facts About Custer And The Battle Of The Little Big Horn (SC)

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This book, by Jerry L. Russell, is filled with wonderful facts about Custer and the famous Battle of the Little Bighorn. This 252 page book is split up into five chapters, and each chapter has a different category.

Chapter one gives basic facts about what certain words mean and gives a summary of what the rest of the chapters will tell you.

Chapter two gives facts about the army; facts are given about individuals, Custer, the environment and more!

Chapter three goes into great detail about the Indians, the equipment they used, and events that led up to the battle.

Chapter four gives facts about literature and gives quotes from individuals who fought in the battle and quotes from magazines and journals that discussed the battle.

Chapter five, the last chapter, provides information on the aftermath of the battle and how Custer was portrayed after his death.

This book is well organized and gives complete information on all aspects of the battle. The 1876 facts provided by Russell will leave you with a great understanding of the battle and the people who fought in it!