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Custer's Ghosts Custer's Gold (HC)

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Custer's Ghosts and Custer's Gold Volume XVI Montana and the West Series by Donald W. Moore

191 pages, Hardcover with pictorial dust jacket

The author explores the notion that ghost haunt the battlefield, and examines the theories that Custer buried rifles on the Yellowstone Expedition, and that Grant Marsh may have hid a fortune in gold.

Custer, The 7th Cavalry, and the Little Big Horn! The very names stir the soul - romance, adventure, gunshots, Indian fights - the old west. What happened after Custer rode down the ridge and pitched in the Indian village? Were there any survivors? Horse and human skeletons with cavalry equipment have been found on surrounding ranches.

What happened to the pay, watches, religious items, and other personal possessions of Custer and his men - the so-called Custer treasure? Did Captain Marsh of the Far West steamer hide a fortune in gold? Did Custer bury cases of Spencer rifles during the 1874 expedition?

Custer's Ghosts and Custer's Gold will try to answer some of these questions by research and witness interviews. Good hunting through these pages. I hope you find the answers.

Donald W. Moore is a retired educator who has also been a part time librarian at a local community college for the past thirty years. He is co-author of A Guid Book to U.S. Army Dress Helmets, and is the author of an upcoming book on U.S. Army sabers. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association, the Mystery Writers of America, The Company of Military Historians, and a longtime member of the Little Big Horn Associates.

Don's fascination with the frontier cavalry began as a child with the radio series Fort Laramie, a drama about the cavalry. Since then, mysteries of the Little Bighorn have served as a source of interest.