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From the Heart of The Crow Country (SC)

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Signed by the author, Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow, Crow Nation Tribal Historian, and 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom Awardee

The world of the Crow Indians comes to life in this extraordinary collection of stories from respected elder and famed storyteller Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow.

Raised by traditional grandparents, who remembered life before the reservation days, Medicine Crow as a child would listen to stories that his grandfather and other elders told during sweat baths. He also learned about the Indian wars of earlier years from White Man Runs Him, one of Custer's Crow scouts.

Medicine Crow became a passionate collector of stories and information about Crow life and history.

This volume is a fascinating and enlightening collection of legends, humorous tales, history and detailed accounts of life and culture, all told from Crow points of view.