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Counting Coup (HC)

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Counting Coup, Becoming a Crow Chief on the Reservation and Beyond

Signed by author, Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom Awardee

Dr. Medicine Crow is an official historian of the Crow Tribe. His stories in this unique accounting span the ages, from Custer to World War II to the 21st Century. He is the last traditional chief of his people. Now over 90 years old, he has received numerous honorary doctorate degrees, lectured at colleges and historical gatherings nationwide, and addressed the United Nations on the subject of peace. In August 2009, Dr. Medicine Crow was awarded the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

National Geographic presents the amazing life story of Joseph Medicine Crow, the man who begins life as Winter Man. Trained as a warrior by his grandfather, Yellowtail, he bathes in icy rivers and endures the ceremony of "counting coup" facing fierce combat with an enemy Sioux boy.

As a boy he excelled at the white man's school and was raised in the Baptist faith. He translates the stories of the elder chiefs, becoming the link to the ancient traditions of the pre-reservation generation. His own dramatic and funny stories span both ages, and the ancient Crow legends are passed on in the storytelling tradition. Joseph Medicine Crow's doctorate degree was interrupted by the call to arms of World War II. On the battlefields of Germany he earned the ancient status of War Chief by completing the four war deeds required of the Crow warrior. In 1948 the Crow Tribal Council appointed Joseph Medicine Crow (now called High Bird) their Tribal Historian and Anthropologist.

Counting Coup is a vibrant adventure narrative, bringing Native American history and culture alive for young readers. Joseph Medicine Crow's story illuminates the challenges faced by the Crow people as hurricanes of change raged through America. His epic story and its lessons are an essential legacy for us all.

In addition to the wonderful story, the book is hand-signed by Dr. Medicine Crow himself, in honor of the 130th Anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.