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Tatanka Iyotanka-A Biography of Sitting Bull (SC)

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Tatanka-Iyotanka means "Sitting Bull" in the language of the Hunkpapa Lakota (a people known as the "Sioux" to soldiers and settlers). The words describe the huge male bison, which was tough in conflict and afraid of nothing.

To most of us, Sitting Bull is a name, an icon of resistance to European-American immigration in the northern Plains. Tatanka-Iyotanka: A Biography of Sitting Bull gives life to that icon. In this book, you learn why you have heard the name of "Sitting Bull."

Experience the culture in which Sitting Bull grew to adulthood: the nomadic life of the Lakota. Hear the story of the ambitious leader, quick to fight, ready to show mercy and generosity. Feel the eloquence of his words and the intensity of his commitment to preserving Plains culture.