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Reckoning at Summit Springs (SC)

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Excerpt from the book: This story here told of our old west, links the lives of some of the most ferocious savage human beings known on earth with the lives of settlers drawn to the territory west of the Missouri from points father east in our country, as well as from abroad, principally the British Isles, the Germanic and Scandinavian countries. Drawn by promises of rich and fertile land, these pioneers, inured to hardships and disappointment, accustomed to toil and making do with what was at hand, rolled westward with high hopes and determination to make homes and settle a wilderness. To these people, predominantly farmers, daily difficulties and vexing problems were a way of life, to be taken as they came and dealt with as best as they could. God-fearing, decent people, they and their descendants tamed and developed this section of the United States. Few of us ever give a thought today to the price that was paid in sweat, suffering, heartache and lonely unmarked graces, by these people who had the courage to face the savage fury of the wilderness and defeat it, as we know they did.