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E.S. Paxson: Frontier Artist (HC)

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E.S. Paxson: Frontier Artist is the first comprehensive biography of this notable painter of the early West. The book includes the fascinating story of the creation and subsequent drift between obscurity and acclaim of Paxson's documentary masterpiece "Custer's Last Stand."

The artist spent twenty years researching, and eight years painting the six by nine-foot work, during which time he established friendships with both Indians and soldiers who participated in the famous battle. The book details Paxson's many associations and friendships with notable westerners, including Charles Russell, Buffalo Bill Cody, Captain Jack Crawford and Granville Stuart. Based upon over twenty years of personal journals, letters and scrapbooks dating back to the 1870's and complemented by an outstanding selection of the artist's work, E.S. Paxson: Frontier Artist is a book that will appeal to students of western history as well as aficionados of western art.